Committed to our community


Our Philosophy

In a context of deep sensitivity, promoting universal changes, the UPAL organization trains students not only in scientific and technological knowledge, applied in the different sciences, but also, is based on the comprehensive training of people

UPAL’s activities are oriented towards a mindful behavior that develops to the maximum a deep structure with lucid, coherent, practical and professional judgment that influences the character, customs and life of society in general.

It is defined as a training body for professionals of excellence at the academic, technical and human level, inspiring and generating new paradigms of life, which contribute to the development and well-being of society based on conduct framed in truth.

From this perspective, UPAL has the following fundamental principles and values, disseminating them within the framework of respect for human rights.

     ⊕  Solidarity
     ⊕  Justice
     ⊕  Respect
     ⊕  Equity
     ⊕  Honesty
     ⊕  Tolerance
     ⊕  Equality
     ⊕  Freedom

They are spread within a framework of respect, based on human rights. Likewise, it is based on the acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of the cultures of our planet, their conscience, their ways of expression, the attitude of openness, communication and freedom of thought. Thus, the graduates’ achievement contributes to the harmonious development of their community and their environment.

For UPAL as an organization, it is essential to develop educational processes harmoniously and in a balanced way, and this way to guarantee the intellectual, emotional and practical training of its students.

In its academic processes, it incorporates and develops scientific thinking, through an educational model that focuses on learning, experience, reflection and action that is the foundation of practice, promoting applied and innovative research, social extension activities, cultural diffusion and the application of cutting-edge technology.

It emphasizes the training of students, based on attitudes and tools for constant self-learning, through harmonious education.

In its operation, it generates quality oriented to academic and administrative excellence based on transparency, innovation and continuous improvement of its processes and procedures.

From his Latin American perspective, attends academic exchange with other nations, thus encouraging the appreciation of cultural diversity in the classroom. In addition, it contributes to the training of young people from indigenous peoples and low-income sectors, earning study scholarships in the careers it teaches.

The purpose of UPAL is to train human beings in balance with themselves and with their environment, to form people to evolve and adapt to a dynamic world, and inspire change towards an increasingly better world.


Daniel Maldonado ArandiaExecutive Chairman UPAL