Committed to our community

University Social Responsibility

We are part of the URSULA Network

After efforts made by the Directorate for Social Interaction and Cultural Diffusion, the application of our university to join the Union of Social Responsibility of Latin America (URSULA) based in Lima, was approved. It has the participation of more than 120 universities from 12 countries.

Since 2016, it promotes University Social Responsibility as a higher education policy and institutional management system to face social and environmental problems from the management, research and participative solidarity extension. The aim is to integrate the university into the private sector, civil society organisations and the government.

Environment Program

– Promote a culture of respect, appreciation and action in favor of the environment and the right to quality of life for future generations.
– Promote the environmental transversality in the academic, training, research, management, interaction and spirituality fields.
– Promote the sustainable management of resources and responsible management of the impacts of the Institution.
– Assume an active role of promoter and facilitator of environmental dialogue from the academy, integrated with different social and institutional actors.

Healthy Nutrition

– Promote a culture of healthy coexistence between human beings and the environment from the perspective of responsible consumption.
– Create conditions to promote the consumption of healthy and organic foods in our university community, in favor of health and environment.

Inclusive Education

– Motivate a culture of respect, acceptance, fairness and a good predisposition for living with people with disabilities in our university environment.
– Generate favorable physical and architectural conditions for mobility and adaptation of people with disabilities to the academic environment.
– Gradually incorporate teacher training processes, curricular adjustments and pedagogical strategies to support the training process for people with disabilities.

Interaction with the Neighborhood

Contribute with a friendly and beneficial coexistence for the population of our immediate environment, from the areas of expertise of the University and the Career Social Interaction Programs.

Career Interaction

– Strengthen the integral formation and socially committed training of our students with the general population and especially with the most vulnerable sectors of our community.
– Facilitate supervised academic practice with sensitivity, ethics and social commitment.

Attention to our University Community

– Generate proper conditions for biopsychosocial development and benefit services to members of our university community through the Medical Cabinet, Psychological Cabinet, Dental Clinic, Meditation Room, Scientific Society, Cultural Club, Sports Club and University Welfare services.

University Social Responsibility

UPAL promotes University Social Responsibility, aware of its social role and the commitment of higher education to contribute to the development of its members and their environment, based on responsible management of its impacts, integrating the axes of training, research , social interaction, institutional management and spirituality.

Our Programs

We have Programs that seek to make this role effective, aiming to influence positive changes both within the institution and in the environment:

  1. Environment Program 
  2. Healthy Eating Program
  3. Inclusive Education Program
  4. Social Interaction Program with the neighbourhood  
  5. Career Social Interaction Programs 
  6. Program of attention to our community

An Added Value to the Community

Our community programs seek to implement information campaigns aimed at the general population, vulnerable population and specific risk groups, according to the health problems to deal with, in order to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. It is implemented through campaigns developed by institutional initiatives or in the framework of alliances with health institutions.