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Student Welfare

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University Welfare is an office located on each campus that has qualified personnel dedicated to providing support and information to the university community on the following topics:

– Admissions and transfers
Information on academic and administrative procedures
– Content of study plans and programs
– Organization of the university and each degree
– Organization of cultural and sports activities
– Scholarships and grants
– Summer and winter courses
– Accident insurance
– Health and Wellness
– Claims and Suggestions

The University Welfare staff will guide you during your admission to UPAL, your stay and your graduation procedures.

Gessell Chamber

It is a very important practice space where students through the double mirror room can observe interviews, focus groups, role playing, etc., and in this way they will learn through practice.

Psychological Support

The Psychological Cabinet provides psychological support to the entire university community, we have a FREE Cabinet for students.

Department of Psychoanalysis

Pioneer in the field at a national level. From this management, contributes to student training through courses, workshops, talks.

Vocational orientation

Program that comes from the homonymous practice. It is destined for the 6th grade of High School students, to whom a battery of tests is applied in order to make a professional choice more suited to their personal characteristics.

The tests are :

CIPSA (personal interest questionnaire)

PMA (mental aptitude test)

Personality questionnaire

It takes two and a half hour sessions for the application of tests and one more hour for the delivery of results.

Psychological Cabinets

Currently we have two psychological cabinets at the Túpac Amaru Campus (COCHABAMBA HEADQUARTERS) and a Cabinet at the Soria Galvarro Campus (ORURO SUB-HEADQUARTERS).

They have everything that is necessary to provide an adequate service to our students.

Schedules and Objectives

It operates from Monday to Friday and is open to students with various needs or themes, including:

Learning Problems, Relationship Problems, Family Problems and Emotional Problems.

Computer Centers and WiFi

Each UPAL campus has a computer center where students can access to high speed internet and printing services. On all UPAL campuses, each student has access to unlimited WiFi for a single device using their personal password.

Personal Accident Insurance

We have an exclusive personal accident system for each of our students.

The only requirement is to be enrolled in one of our semesters.

You can check the Authorized Medical Centers of attention Click Here

Definition of Accident

“External, unforeseen, sudden, fortuitous event, independent of the will of the Insured that causes him bodily injuries, functional including death, which can be determined in a certain way by a doctor, that affected the Insured’s body causing injuries that manifest themselves for visible wounds or internal contusions”

Insurance coverage

Accidental Death up to US $4,000.-
Total and/or partial permanent disability US $4,000.-
Medical expenses US $1.000.-

Attention Procedure

In the event of an accident affecting an insured person, proceed as follows:
1.- To make the report, you must call the toll-free line of LA BOLIVIANA CIACRUZ SEGUROS PERSONALES S.A. : 800 10 2727
2.- The Call Center will verify the Insured’s data and provide a report number with the following denomination: SP XXXXX
3.- Subsequently with this number (SP XXXXX) the injured person may go to one of the medical centers of the agreement, in which they must fill out the “Accident Report” Form, present their Identity Document and leave a simple photocopy, in order to verify the Insured’s data.
4.- The medical center will proceed with the care of the injured Insured, up to the limit of the coverage of medical expenses of the contracted Policy, in case of exceeding the amount, the Insured must pay the difference.

Dental Clinic

The UPAL Dental Clinic is a physical place where all the activities of the different specialties of Dentistry are carried out, and where teaching staff, students, administrative staff and patients interact. It provides dental services to the community in all specialties, so students can complete their theoretical and practical preparation.

It offers services of surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, fixed prosthesis, pediatric dentistry, removable and operative prosthesis and endodontics.

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