Scientific Society

The UPAL Scientific Society is an academic and scientific committee, made up of university authorities, teachers and graduate students.

Objective of the Scientific Society

We seek to propose, develop and organize academic and scientific activities.

We have become a valid and important university resource for students and academics who wish to share and deepen their academic training in the field of research, promoting the participation of UPAL students in events of an academic and scientific nature at the local, National and international levels. We are committed to the objective of promoting and/or developing activities within the University to raise the knowledge of the university community in theoretical methodological aspects of scientific research, collaborating with activities of social interaction and cultural dissemination.

Download Regulations

By clicking here you can download the UPAL Scientific Society regulations.

Descargar Reglamento

Haciendo click aquí podrás descargar el reglamento de la Sociedad Científica de UPAL.

Scope and Activities

We are generating spaces for the exchange of specific knowledge and advances in research processes by participating and organising research conferences at national and international levels. We are in constant connection with other scientific societies at a global level and we promote scientific dissemination through prizes, calls and other incentives.


The race directors are responsible for compliance in coordination with the Vice President of the UPAL Scientific Society or its Representative in the Sub-headquarters. Any UPAL student may participate in the Scientific Society fulfilling various requirements. 

Those students with high academic achievement and students with an excellence scholarship may receive the direct invitation of a teacher or career director. Registrations are made at the beginning of each semester.

To download the regulations click here..


We summon all the students and teachers of our headquarters in the cities of Cochabamba and Oruro to join the UPAL Scientific Society during the current 2019 administration.

Project Model

We invite you to download this Research Project Profile Model as an example, to be able to take it as a basis for the presentation of your final work.

Schedule of activities

This document is constantly updated to facilitate the dissemination of the schedule of activities for the current school year. You can download it from the following link.

Presented Works

Download this list of works presented by our students and teachers during the course of the academic year specialising in Medicine, Biochemistry and Pharmacy, Dentistry and Psychology..

Registration form

If you are considering being part of the UPAL Scientific Society we invite you to download and complete the form as appropriate. You can submit it to the corresponding authorities at your Study Center.