Learn to do things in a different way: Our UPAL Teacher


Greeting for Teacher’s Day

Dear UPAL teachers:

Today that we celebrate Teacher’s Day, I want to convey our deepest gratitude for the work that they have been doing, together with recognition for a work that goes beyond physical spaces.

Learning to do things in a different way has been a challenge assumed by each of you and by us as a University. Access to new sources of information or better ways to do it and constant training, among other activities, are speeding up the update processes. UPAL is immersed in the task of providing them with better resources to facilitate the educational process.

These are times of accompaniment, in which the vocation of service that characterizes the teacher is expressed in a more tangible way, giving security in times of uncertainty and fear. Your guidance from you as human beings towards our students is invaluable.

Thank you very much from the heart, for your dedication, love and effort.

Patricia Miranda. Rector UPAL