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Tupac Amaru Headquarters

A work of art. The organic architecture merges with energy and structural efficiency. It has a spectacular and modern unique entrance in Cochabamba. Inside you can find an exceptional Dental Clinic, Cafeteria, Library, Psychological Cabinet, Computer Room and WiFi throughout the building.

America Campus

We are deeply excited to continue to deliver our academic quality in this building. For us, it is very important since this is where our dream began more than twenty years ago. Even today this headquarters maintains the spirit that gave us life.

Soria Galvarro Campus

Oruro is one of the cities with the highest level of admiration, respect and affection for the local culture. It is an example of perseverance, dedication and passion. Our Soria Galvarro Campus demonstrates the force of the people of Oruro and the uninterrupted growth for more than a decade, which have led to have an exemplary building for the city until today.