Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacy

The Pharmaceutical Biochemist graduated at UPAL is a person of integrity who has knowledge, skills and values to:

● Integrate knowledge of basic and complementary areas with biochemical, pharmaceutical and industrial areas and apply it to professional practice.      

● Perform its functions in the areas of its competence applying biosecurity principles with professional ethics.      

● Solve problems of the first, second and third levels of the health care system to the level of pharmaceutical and laboratory activities.      

● Lead and/or work as a team in the management of pharmaceutical, laboratory or industrial companies.      

● Perform the regency in the import of medicines, chemical reagents and laboratory equipment.      

● Provide medication information through medical visits.      

● Interact in health teams and multidisciplinary teams.      

● Develop research in areas of its competence.      

Important Information

Degree: Bachelor

Semesters: 9

Duration: 4 Years + Internship

The UPAL pharmaceutical biochemist may work in clinical, cytological, genetic and toxicological laboratories.

The UPAL pharmaceutical biochemist will be able to work in:

  • Clinical, cytological, genetic and toxicological laboratories.
  • Private pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and magisterial pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical, phytochemical, chemical, and food industries
  • Representation of pharmaceutical products.
  • Representation of laboratory equipment.
  • Medical visits, consulting and research.

Contacto Universidad

Campus Túpac Amaru

Túpac Amaru 1816
Esquina Paso del Inca
Cochabamba, Bolivia

(591) 4- 44486100

Lu – Vie:

  • 8:00 a 15:30 hrs.
  • 14:30 a 18:30 hrs.

Social Info


Student Requirements

– Photocopy of bachelor’s degree, legalized by the issuing University or SEDUCA.
– Original Birth Certificate.
– Photocopy of Identity Card.
Two 3 × 3 photographs with beige or light background.

1.- Photocopy of bachelor’s degree or equivalent document that enables you to pursue higher studies, legalized by:

Option 1
Apostille Procedure (DS. 3541 of April 25, 2018) in the country of origin

Option 2
Ministry of Education of the Country of Origin
Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Country of Origin
Bolivian Consulate in the Country of Origin
Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Bolivia (Chancellery)
(both options are valid)

2.- Original Birth Certificate or photocopy, legalized by:

Option 1
Apostille Procedure (DS. 3541 of April 25, 2018) in the country of origin

Option 2
– Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Country of Origin
Bolivian Consulate in the Country of Origin
Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Bolivia (Chancellery)
(both options are valid)

3.- Photocopy of the passport with student VISA or legal residence in Bolivia
4.- Two 3 x 3 size photographs with beige or light background

Graduation Modalities

Research work that is characterized by its methodological and scientific rigor in order to provide demonstrable solutions and answers to a scientific problem, formulating applicable alternatives or proposing practical or theoretical solutions.

Consists of a written work that meets the demands of scientific methodology, which describes an ordered set of resources and actions leading to generate proposals related to plans, programs, models, prototypes, architectures, devices, codes, installers and others applicable to a certain process, unit, organization, group, product or service, for its improvement, innovation, modernization or technological development.

Consists of an evaluation through oral or written tests to measure the effectiveness of the professional training process, valuing knowledge, comprehension, analysis and the application of theories and procedures to situations in a determined discipline. The number of tests will be defined based on the number of areas or disciplines of the practice of the profession.

Consists in the elaboration of a systematic and methodical work, the result of the treatment of a practical problem or specific topic, developed in a public or private, productive or service institution, accredited and recognized in the respective branch or area of the discipline, which raises an applicable intervention proposal.

Graduation by excellence is a modality that exempts outstanding students from going through other types or modalities of graduation; they voluntarily join this type of graduation.

Why study Biochemistry and Pharmacy at UPAL?

For an excellent professional training, UPAL offers you: Teaching staff with professional experience in their area, laboratory practices designed according to international standards with small groups of students from the first semester, academic monitoring and personalized teaching, non-shared with other careers’ subjects, research participation and social outreach activities. You will also be able to carry out pre-professional internships at external institutions, a rotating internship in health institutions and train in different areas of professional performance.

Interested in this career? Our students and teachers have created this video to help you making the choice.