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Universidad Privada Abierta Latinoamericana  is a higher education organization, dependent on a civil, non-profit entity, founded on January 11, 1990.
In 1995, it began its academic activities at the Campus América in the city of Cochabamba and in April 1999 it began its activities in the city of Oruro.
On November 28, 2011, the Presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, by Supreme Decree No. 1085, ratifies the authorization to open and operate the UPAL Private Latin American Open University.


In 2017, the academic offer is expanded with careers in the business and legal area; obtaining in February of the same year, the certification of its Quality Management System based on the NB / ISO 9001: 2008 standard with the TUV Rheinland certification body for the Academic-Administrative processes at the Cochabamba Headquarters and Oruro Sub-headquarters. Thanks to the work and commitment of all staff and Senior Management, Certification was achieved in June 2018 with the new version NB / ISO 9001: 2015.


UPAL Management defined our quality policy:

“UPAL is committed to train competent professionals, the satisfaction of the university community and requirements and expectations of its stakeholders through an extensive Quality Management System and the continuous improvement of its administrative academic management processes.”.

To achieve this high quality policy the following objectives were established:
⦁ Increment our universitary community satisfaction and every group interests.
⦁ Optimize administrative and academic management.
⦁ Maintain continuous improvement in administrative academic management processes.

                                                                                                                                        Version: 3
                                                                                                                                     F.A.: 01-07-19


It is the mission of the Latin American Open Private University to train upright people, in full consciousness, professionally competent, with social sensitivity, capable of knowing how to exercise and innovate their professional field and contribute to the improvement of life in society.


To be the nationally and internationally accredited university for its quality educational services oriented to the practice of science, supported by processes of linkage, spreading and research, socially and academically relevant, to train competent professionals, in balance with themselves and their environment, that contribute to the development of their region.


The purpose of UPAL is to train human beings in balance with themselves and with their environment, to form people to evolve and adapt to a dynamic world, and inspire change towards an increasingly better world.

Tupac Amaru Campus
Cochabamba Headquarters

A work of art. The organic architecture merges with energy and structural efficiency. It has a spectacular and modern unique entrance in Cochabamba. Inside you can find an exceptional Dental Clinic, Cafeteria, Library, Psychological Cabinet, Computer Room and WiFi throughout the building.

America Campus

We are deeply excited to continue to deliver our academic quality in this building. For us, it is very important since this is where our dream began more than twenty years ago. UPAL began in what would be then a recycled house. Even today this headquarters maintains the spirit that gave us life.

Soria Galvarro Campus | Oruro

Oruro is one of the cities with the highest level of admiration, respect and affection for the local culture. It is an example of perseverance, dedication and passion. Our Soria Galvarro Campus demonstrates the force of the people of Oruro and the uninterrupted growth for more than a decade, which have led to have an exemplary building for the city until today.